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Match-Making to Money-Making

We believe establishing ongoing customer relationships in the U.S. market is a process best done slowly and with focused deliberation. Some people say the second order is key to securing a new client. We believe developing a mutually compatible engagement is the essential key to establishing a successful and ongoing customer relationship. We call this process Match-Making to Money-Making. The idea is that you and your customer are well matched and that you both make money as a result.

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Making a Good Match

We believe any good match starts with lots (and lots) of questions about you and your company, as well as who your company would like to work with. We think of this process as Business Dating. Nobody wants to spend meaningful amounts of time with someone they don't have shared interests with.

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Making Money

Making money from exporting products and services is not a given. Even in countries where exporting is taken for granted, it can be difficult to make the impossible possible. We believe the process of making a good match makes the process of making money both more likely and far more possible. We work with our clients and their prospects and customer relationships to create sustainable and profitable business in the U.S. market.


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