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Market-Engagement Strategy

We believe meaningful, deep conversation with relevant people is far superior a superficial meeting with people you were not deliberate about spending your time with. We call our process of carefully curating who our customers spend time with and how that time is spent Market Engagement.

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What is Market Engagement?

We believe it is imperative to go beyond "getting to market"! This involves unrelenting curiosity to achieve a deep understanding of the market, as well as where and with whom you spend your valuable time. This deep understanding is essential to be able to truly engage with the market and with your potential customers.

Why the picture of burgers? Do you know that In'N'Out has several items not on their menu? We do! Market Engagement leads to valuable insights! Animal style burgers, that's a real gem!

What's Market Engagement Strategy Then?

It's the plan we develop with you after asking lots of open questions and combining your answers with our deep insights. Because we understand both sides of the Atlantic we see the world differently. We also believe doing business is a contact sport and that actions are what's really important. These are some of the elements of Market Engagement Strategy.

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