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We Help Companies Build Successful Business in the United States Market.

About Us

With a European background, a team in California and significant experience with Trans-Atlantic business, we are familiar with most of the challenges and questions facing foreign companies seeking success in the complex, and often confusing U.S. market. We aim to make it easier for your company's products, services and solutions to enter and make it in the largest and most dynamic market in the world.


We serve primarily European companies launching or expanding their business in the United States. We focus on working with companies offering environmentally sustainable solutions in the areas of Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy, Multimodal Mobility, Advanced Buildings, and the Infrastructure that enables it. We engage with a wide variety of companies and industries where we determine with our clients that it makes good business sense.

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To bring European solutions, technologies, and know-how to the U.S. and engage with the market in an impactful and meaningful way.

Our focus is on Environmental Sustainability because it is good business and good for our community.


That our actions, although individually insignificant, will have a significant impact on the ability of European companies to successfully engage with customers in the U.S. and develop ongoing customer relationships.

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